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Gallery Jorge Alcolea - sabinadipu19 - 13-06-2018

Born in Madrid, 1961. Escauriaza has a PhD in Geological Sciences and has a Postgraduate Degree in Hydro-Geology and Paleontology, but his passion has always been art wozz2do . With two solo exhibitions, since 1994 he has been exclusively dedicated to art.
[Image: 1hGqwAn.png]
Miguel Macaya
Miguel Macaya, of whom the writer Antonio Muñoz Molina affirmed that "He looks at things as if nobody had still painted them, only in his art  gallery jorge alcolea, in his craft as a painter", he is an essential figure in the Spanish artistic journey of the moment.

Isabel Ramoneda
Born in Barcelona, Isabel Ramoneda has been constantly moving from one city to another, from one studio to another. His work reflects that movement, through nature, the transformation of forms and the intimate body and emotional relationship with the environments in which he works.